Shilajit enhances the ability of antioxidants to nullify the free radical

It is now widely Recognized that aging and degenerative diseases occur in our own body mainly because of oxygen free radical damage to our cells. Free radicals are unpaired electrons with either negative or positive charge. Free radicals coming in contact with healthy cells take an electron away in the cells to neutralize their prices. Within this practice of “taking fluids away” the healthy cells become damaged. Free radical attack Happens within our own body cells all of the time. Free radicals are formed in our own body as a byproduct of organic metabolism procedure. They may also be formed as a result of outside factors such as smoke, anxiety, infections, unhealthy food habits, alcohol etc. Aging is caused by such harm. Degenerative diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Arthritis etc., are also the end result of the cellular damage. If free radical assault could be warded we could stay young forever   at least until the typical human lifespan of 120 decades. We could even live infection free.


It is proven that free Radical damage may be warded off with the support of anti oxidants. While anti Oxidants are of several forms, vitamin C and vitamin E are regarded to be powerful anti oxidants. These anti oxidants scavenge and mop up the free Compounds and protect against cellular damage. Physicians and health care Specialists recommend liberal consumption of minerals and vitamins for a healthy and long life. But these vitamins Cannot reach inside of these cells as cell walls Become thick. This is really where Shilajit is of big assistance. The Fulvic Acid in shilajit helps permeate the cell membranes and transfer the vitamins And minerals deep in the cell. Hence the cells get sufficient supply of Vitamins and minerals and can ward off free radical damage.

A research undertaken at The University of Leipzig has revealed that it improved cognition and memory in Alzheimer’s patients; however more study is necessary to discover much the claims of acupuncture professionals are real. Among the issues connected with its usage is that you do not understand what any medication you purchase from the West has been adulterated with. Like the book vendor, just trust everything you can collect yourself.